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1. What does Microweb do?
Microweb is an IT and Internet solutions company serving the needs of local enterprises both large and small. We are a one stop solution for companies with any IT requirements.

2. What are the services offered by Microweb?
Microweb offers a range of services to its clients:
a.Web Design
Microweb offers web design services to both clients without a web page or those that wish to redesign their existing pages. We have very skilled and experienced designers that can create pages reflecting a companies image in their design with the use of flash, java and other powerful programming and design tools.

b. WEB Applications Development
Software can be created to match perfectly the requirements of our customers. Microweb has developed software for numerous companies in different industries and in particular our web based software solutions have been very popular. Examples include web based application form software, e-catalogs and trading company intranets, CMS, E-Commerce software, online payment.

c. WEB & Email Hosting
Microweb being as a full solutions provider offers our clients complete set of web hostings and email services to cater the exact needs of our clients. Fully maintained, and taken cared hosting and email accounts keep the clients away from IT headaches. Our robust servers and network provide maximum quality service.

d. IT Consulting
Microweb's Project Consultancy allows clients to gain a clear report of the state of a project during any stage of development. This information could bring to attention any major defects that exist within the project and can ensure that appropriate actions are taken to resolve these issues. Microweb is also able to provide consultancy on a 'one off' basis, whereby a short period of consultancy is provided for a client. This may take the form of a Project Status Check, or Architecture Feasibility Audit.

3. Who do we target our business to?
We are able to serve the unique requirements of businesses in all fields and of all sizes. Our portfolio of projects included companies classified as SMEs medium sized as well as large Multi National Corporations. We also have completed projects for Universities and are a registered supplier for the Hong Kong government IT needs.

4. How much does our service cost?
As we cater to our clients needs specifically we do not maintain fixed pricing for our services. We welcome our potential customers to talk with a sales representative to explain their requirements before we calculate a fee for our projects. You may contact us on our hotline (852) 2243 0801 to talk to our sales representative anytime.

5. Why choose Microweb?
Being positioned on the campus of the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, one of Asia's premier universities we are right at the forefront of new technology research and development and so we offer our clients the best solutions for their needs. With advice from leading professors and researchers our clients are assured that they are receiving the best value for money.

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