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“send your marketing emails to 1000s of customers Effectivily without being Spammed?"

MICROWEB eMarketing Solutions

eMarketing Consulting Services provide everything you need for a new email marketing campaign, advice for your messaging and design, or training on best practices. You will receive the right strategy and tools to improve performance and results. We provide the following consulting services to get the most out of your email campaign.

Main Service Features

All data can be uploaded from Microsoft Outlook or Excel directly.
Multiple fields are available for data input categories to make target list preparation easy for target marketing campaigns. Save and delete functions to help sender handle bounce list and unsubscribe list.

Service Overview

  • Trigger email follow-up
  • Email Spamming Analysis
  • eMarketing Customer Relationship Management
  • eDM Design Templates
  • Email Unsubscribe Management
  • Bounce List Management
  • Campaign Analysis Report (Click rate, open rate, etc)
  • Email Personalization
  • Support both html and text version

Please contact our staff to discuss your eMarketing needs !

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